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About Us


KRAFTYZONE is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products. It caters to the fashion needs across Rugs & Carpets, Apparels, Handicrafts, Organic/Herbal Products and Leather Accessories.


At we try our level best to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction”. Our cutting-edge e-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems and state of the art customer care centre provides customer with:


Broader selection of products

Superior buying experience

On-time delivery of products

Quick resolution of any concerns


Registered & Corporate Address – M/s Kraftyzone, P.O. Khamaria, Distt. Bhadohi, PIN-221306 (U.P) and Branch Office at No: 03, 1st Floor. Plot No. A/39, Malviya Nagar. New Delhi-110017


About Kraftyzone

Where the best minds from Technology, Fashion and Operations come together to truly democratize fashion by bringing together both necessity & luxury products under one roof. Here, different ideas are brewed to ‘make tomorrow happens today’ and answers to questions like “What should I wear today?” are found in Magic Mirrors that talk to you. Here technology talks fashion to tell you their origin stories! Here you are pushed to dream big and inspire you to chase those dreams! Here the ‘Get set n Go’ DNA makes you push the boundaries to build an outstanding experience for consumers. Kicked to be a part for a cool and exciting workplace that takes bold steps towards making the world a more stylish, colorful and happier place. Enter a place where you can enhance your lifestyle and career with Kraftyzone which is highly rewarding. You get to work with a truly diverse set of people across all domains from fashion to tech.


Our amazing, best-in-class employee friendly policies ensure greater flexibility to manage the work-life integration. With our awesome learning platform & higher education assistance policies you will be able to upscale your career growth both horizontally & vertically. You are just a step closer to an amazing career possibility with Kraftyzone!

Rugs & Carpets:

The art of making carpets was probably developed on the plains of Central Asia several thousand years ago. The nomads needed some protection from the cold winters, something more easily handled than the sheepskin coverings. At the same time, they were also making decorations for their tents.

The materials used for the warp, weft and pile came from the herds of goats and flock of sheep. The looms, in their simplest form, were made of two wooden ribs which were secured to the ground and between them the warp was fastened. These horizontal looms, which are still used today by the nomads, have the advantage that they fold easily and can be moved to the next camp ground. The patterns on these early carpets were composed of geometrical or curvilinear motifs.

Despite recent technological advancement and development that has occurred over the years, handmade carpets today are still made in the same way as they were hundreds of years ago.

The art of weaving a carpet has been passed on for many generations and demands several different steps, which are all part of a genuine handicraft. There was a time when the carpet industry, and the history of carpets, was taken seriously, and was well documented.

For hundreds of years it was not very common for people living outside the Orient, except very wealthy people to own an oriental carpet. When we talk about oriental carpets today, we refer to handmade carpets in an area reaching from Bhadohi to Shajahanpur and various other places in India, where people have the same old passion of weaving carpets in tremendously vast creative ways.

As a Founder & Managing Director, Zafar & Shahnawaz drives Kraftyzone overall strategic vision while overseeing all facets of the company's operations. Zafar originally started procuring and gathering knowledge early on in his career, and his passion quickly grew into a business. Out of the numerous Tufted-Carpet producers he quickly acquired, most started to request the same need – a product of custom design, color and size. At this time, Tufted-carpet business is in its need. Always up for a challenge, Zafar & Shahnawaz took the endeavour head on. With very limited resources and a great deal of perseverance, they started gathering knowledge and Kraftyzone was created in 2018. In Kraftyzone's early stages, both Zafar & Shahnawaz worked to start this business that fit people’s needs. Often staying up all night implementing a new way of fulfilling everybody’s need. They established the Kraftyzone.

In addition to providing the Kraftyzone products, also generously enhance to World Vision to improve the lives of impoverished humans around the world. Zafar recently made a visit to rural areas around India to gather Kraftyzone’s products to be utilized by them at affordable price. After his return from such an inspirational journey, He is more dedicated than ever to grow Kraftyzone’s reach to enhance lives, both Urban and Rural’s.

Therefore, Kraftyzone has taken the ability to fulfil the requirements. The highest growth is observed in the tufted-carpet segment, followed by handicrafts, textile, leather products, beauty and personal care. The demand for the products is high as they find wide acceptance in domestic and international markets.